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We like to keep things fresh and uncomplicated in the Stadthaus. Seasonal and regional products play a big part the kitchen’s timetable. From our sausages ( in a class of their own) to our rotisserie to the evergreens : our starting point is the culinary heritage of the Alps. We like down-to-earth Swiss dishes, sometimes combined with ideas from all over the world, but we pass on any kind of gimmick.

The Restaurant Stadthaus is the place to come to at any time of the day: for your coffee break, lunch (menus from 19.- including a soft drink), an after-work beer or dinner. We are open seven days a week, from 9.00 to 23.00 hours.

Our unique history and position in the centre of things gives our establishment its special atmosphere, a mixture of village pub and trendy restaurant.


Like our dishes and beer, our wine card takes you on a tour through Switzerland. The variety of Swiss wine is surprising and some wines in particular really took our fancy. They are all represented on the Stadthaus wine menu, from classics like our «Stadthaus rot», a Merlot from Ticino, to its white counterpart («Stadthaus weiss», Riesling Sylvaner from the east of Switzerland) to a few genuine lucky finds such as “Gantenbein und Co.”
Various wines are available as open wine and every month there is a new discovery to be made – our wine of the month.


Over the centuries the Stadthaus was a hub for public life in Unterseen and the surrounding area. It was a shop, it held the assizes, was a meeting place for politicians and also an inn. The first tourists who came to the Bernese Oberland stopped here. Probably the most famous guest in the large house in the middle of the square was the writer and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. On his Swiss trip in October 1779 he stopped off at the Stadthaus. At the time of the first Unspunnen festivals in 1805 and 1808 many guests came to see Elisabeth Grossmann, the “lovely boatwoman of Brienz”, who had married the son of the innkeeper.

In August 1831 another famous person appeared : Felix Mendelssohn. The composer had a particular fondness for the region and was a guest in the Stadthaus many times. What is the reason why Unterseen has a town hall (and Interlaken on the other side of the Aare does not) and as a consequence is a town, it is best to ask a regular. That’s another story …..

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